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As I wrote in the last blog post, I arrived in Ellen in Arkösund on Tuesday. As everyone understands, this is a boat that I have to put in condition so that it can be sailed. The boat is an Albin Vega from 1970 (I think) It is in good condition except that the engine has serious rust attacks on the exhaust manifold connected to the exhaust hose. The exhaust pipe is also rust-gripped from the outside, so it also probably needs to be replaced.

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My plan is to try to repair the damaged manifold and the exhaust pipe provisionally so that Ellen can get into the lake and become sailable and that I can use the engine to transport her up in Trollhättekanal to the lake Vänern.

Yesterday (Thursday) it all got an abrupt interruption because I was mostly completely disabled when I got out of bed in the morning. Minimal movement and an unbearable pain that made me scream loudly, hit me in the back behind my right shoulder blade.

It was such a problem that I realized that I couldn’t do anything useful so I gathered with utmost effort what I didn’t want to leave with Ellen and started driving home. (250 km) As the journey progressed, I felt better and better and well at home, the pain had subsided so i didn’t have to scream as soon as I moved my body. This morning (Friday) when I got up I was basically pain free. A little hurt, but nothing you can’t stand.

I called the health information and we came to the conclusion that it could be some kind of nerve clamp. After all, I had run into cramped situations when I was working on Ellen’s engine, so some stretching might have caused nerves to get stuck.

If everything feels better even tomorrow, I will return to Arkösund on Sunday and continue my work on the engine.

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