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When I (gonyostomum semen born 46) today came walking on the pavement to my grocery store, I was surrounded by 4 beautiful girls in the age of 18-20 all gave me under the noise and laughed a pat on my back close to where the sun is not shining, before they continued their rampaging. I felt really alert and thought it was an innocent nice antics.

Gubbslem mod. Click for larger image.

Now it has happened again.

I have been sexually harassed in the roughest way again, in the middle of the day in public place, by a woman.

On my way home from the store I usually take a small beer break outside a small cozy colmado in a well-traveled street corner in Los Cocitos. For natural reasons (+ 35C), I’m not wearing anything on my upper body, it’s socially accepted here.

There I sit in peace and quiet with my beer in my hand when a very beautiful, well-groomed and well-dressed woman at the age of 25-30 arrived. She greets politely, points to my grocery bags on the ground and asks what I’ll going to cook for good.

There will probably be spaghetti carbonara, I inform her a little pending. Oh what good, may I come home with you and help with the “dessert” she say. Of course I declare kindly but firmly.

She looks at me, blinks with one eye, throws out her hand, and squeezed my one nipple carefully before I even have time to blink. Then she say “maybe another time” and hey then. The question is now: Should I have to start wearing a comprehensive burka just because all women are basically sex criminals or should I continue to think it was a little bit nice? Think about it, while I enjoy my Carbonara with a cold Presidente or two.

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