The bar in The Boat House Boca Chica

Who I am ?

I’m not even one hundred percent sure of that myself. I mean, is anyone entirely sure who she/he is? Any Way. I will try to describe myself as best I can.

I am in the beginning of my sixty-eight year of life and I have been pensioner for seven years now. I am not interested in any sporting activity so I do not see forward to the winter when you can ski, skate and such crap. No, it’s just the sun, the sea and warm days that appeals to me.

During the winters in Sweden I spend most of my time indoors and play with electronic construction, carpentry, or working with any mechanical projects. I spend even much time on computer programming.

I live all alone and have no pets. I have a few friends that I can really call real close friends. Many of my former friends have unfortunately left this earthly life. I’m at that age where it is natural, but sad every time a close friend leaves this life. My parents are gone, but I have all my five brothers and sisters in life, maybe it’s because I’m the oldest of us.

I really like to cook and to eat it. Maybe a little too much because it makes large effect on certain body parts. But it should be good to live otherwise it could set off. That’s me!